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Research Verification

Research Verification Program…The Research Verification Program is an interdisciplinary effort between growers, county Extension agents, Extension specialists, and researchers. The Research Verification Program is an on-farm demonstration of all the research-based recommendations required to grow corn and grain sorghum profitably in Arkansas.

Economic Analysis of Corn and Grain Sorghum Production Practices… This project provides crop enterprise budgets for corn and grain sorghum that are flexible for representing alternative production practices of Arkansas producers. Crop enterprise budgets are developed with methods that are consistent over all field crops.

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General Agronomics

Evaluation of High Yield Practices to Increase Corn & Grain Sorghum Yields.... This study was to compare yield of corn and grain sorghum using current extension recommendations to a high yield system that is utilized by yield contest winners.

Develiping Profitable Irrigated Rotational Cropping Systems.... Evaluate grain yield and resulting economic response for eight crop rotations. Monitor how nematodes and foliar diseases change over time based on crop rotation.

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Assessment of the Occurrence and Distribution of Mycotoxins.... To identify which mycotoxins are most prevalent and potentially problematic in Arkansas sorghum production systems.

Management of Southern Rust on Threshold-based crop protection.... Develop practical guidelines for a threshold based fungicide program for southern rust in corn.

Comparison of Spatial Dynamics of Root-Knot Nematode..... To determine the value of adding grain sorghum to a corn/soybean rotation by using a whole system assessment of spatial changes in RKN activity and potential interactions with other diseases. and deficiencies.

Assessment of fungicides applied at an early growht stage for suppression of NCLB..... Compare fungicides at early growth stages to standard VT/R1 applications for control of NCLB. Evaluate isolates of NCLB for resistance to strobilurin fingcides. Survey for lesion nematode in Arkansas corn as well as other diseases.

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Evaluation of High Rates of Insecticides.... Plots containing the various seed treatment rates for corn and grain sorghum for the effectiveness on seedling pests.

Insect Control in Grain Sorghum.... Insect pest education and selecting insecticies for control of corn earworm and other insect pests of grain sorghum.

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Optimizing Soil Fertility Requirements for Corn… This study evaluates current recommendations, and looks to improve those recommendations to increase yield or reduce fertilizer inputs.

Increase Profitability of Corn Production by Improving Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer Recommendations… For corn production under cropping conditions in Arkansas this study will evaluate: 1. The effect of phosphorus (P) fertilizer application rates on corn grain yield, 2. The effect of potassium (K) fertilizer application rates on corn grain yield, 3. The suitability of corn ear-leaf and young plants for predicting plant P status, 4. The suitability of corn ear-leaf, young plants for predicting plant K status, 5. Phosphorus fertilizer use efficiency, 6. Potassium fertilizer use efficiency.

Developing Best Management Practices for N Fertilization.... Producer profitability is the focus of these research projects and centers around identifying the most efficient and economical use of N fertilizer inputs.

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Irrigation Scheduling for Corn Production.... Determining irrigation based on deficits reached in corn production.

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Weed Control

Programs in Grain Sorghum with Crop Safety.. This study evaluates new weed treatment programs for sorghum, as well as new chemicals that become available.

Weed Control Programs in Arkansas Corn… This study evaluates new weed treatment programs for corn, as well as new chemicals that become available.

Application Technology Demonstration and Education for Arkansas Crops... The advent of new herbicide technology/trait release such as Dicamba and 2,4-D tolerance in cotton and soybean has raised new issues regarding proper application methods, technology and sprayer cleanout.

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Misc Projects

Evaluation of White Sorghum Hybrids…Evaluate yield potential of white food grade grain sorghum hybrids compared to standard hybrids currently being grown. Determine if white grain sorghum hybrids have desirable agronomic traits and resistance to diseases commonly found in Arkansas, and evaluate white grain sorghum quality compared to hybrids currently being grown.

Discovery Farms…The Arkansas Discovery Farm program is currently collecting water quantity and quality data from both inflow from rain and irrigation and in outflow as runoff from four row crop farms , one in Arkansas County near Stuttgart (Corn, rice and soybeans), one in Desha County near Dumas (Cotton and Corn), and two in Cross County near Cherry Valley (Rice and soybean). Data in 2012 was collected from one rice field, four soybean fields and four cotton fields. A fifth row crop farm has been instrumented near Atkins and monitoring will begin in the Spring of 2013.

Development of an On-Line Course.... To develop a high quality on-line course that teaches the history, principles, benefits and risks of biotechnology as pertaining to modern crop production using corn as the model crop.

Development of Effective Strategies for Simultaneously Drying and Decontamination of Corn to Maintain Quality... The goal of this research is to develop effective strategies to achieve simultaneous drying and decontamination of corn while maintaining product quality and prevent mycotoxins.

Smartphone Apps for Information Dissemination to Corn Producers..... The main purpose of the project is to develop and disseminate latest research-based information generated by the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture to corn and grain sorghum producers, crop consultants, and county extension agents on their mobile devices.

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